Bendigo Wedding Photographer Sarah J, specialising in Wedding Photography. I am a Professional Wedding Photographer based mainly in Central Victoria, and can travel within the greater Bendigo and Ballarat area for your wedding. My aim is to capture real, honest and beautiful photos of your wedding day that you will cherish forever!

My wedding photography style is relaxed and candid, with an emphasis on capturing the special moments as they unfold naturally. I believe the best photos are when you just relax, smile, and laugh, so as a wedding photographer I try to keep your day candid, fun, natural, and as stress-free as possible. I work as a professional wedding photographer in Bendigo Victoria and have traveled near and far for clients weddings.

Bendigo Wedding Photographer Sarah J has 10 years experience. I have photographed weddings in, and can photograph weddings in Bendigo, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Echuca, Hepburn Springs, Ballarat, Swan Hill, Mildura, Macedon Ranges, Woodend, Kyneton, Malmsbury, Shepparton, Maryborough, Rutherglen, Albury, Renmark, Melbourne and Adelaide just to name a few. I have even been as far as Palm Cove Queensland and Maree New South Wales.

Photography and Vision by Sarah J is based in Bendigo and we travel anywhere in central Victoria and beyond to photograph weddings. Traveling for us is very exciting as every new place we go to opens up new and exciting opportunities and allows us to take our photography further than before.

Photography and Vision by Sarah J has been set up in Bendigo as a professional wedding Photographer for a number of years now and is well known for her artistic eye and creative approach to her Photography and Cinematography.

Photography and Vision by Sarah J is unique for it's duo skilled business offering Bendigo and surrounding cities the best of both worlds in Photography or Cinematography.

We love creating memories and telling stories of your day through our styles of Photography and Cinematography. Photography and Vision by Sarah J is all about feeing and emotion and capturing that bond that you and your partner have. Bendigo Wedding Photographer Photography and Vision by Sarah J strives to create a casual and relaxed environment for couples while still getting those beautiful wedding shots you have always dreamed of.

For examples of my work and wedding photography style please view my Wedding Portfolio/Blog. For raw and up to date news on Sarah J you can check the blog for our latest weddings and what has been happening in my world as a photographer.

To check my availability for photography at your wedding in Bendigo or elsewhere please use my contact form on the contact page.

It is best to meet your wedding photographer before deciding to hire them, Photography and Vision by Sarah J can organise to meet up with you and your partner at a time that is convenient for you. We can discuss the photography style you are looking for (eg candid, photojournalistic, natural, glamour), plan the photography for your day, look at possible wedding photography locations around Bendigo, and talk about the special moments you have planned for your wedding - as a professional wedding photographer I can help a lot with how your day can be planned to get the best wedding photos.

Destination wedding photographer Photography By Sarah J travels throughout Australia and internationally to photograph weddings.
Destination wedding photographer Photography By Sarah J can travel to destinations in Queensland such as Cairns, Port Douglas, Brisbane, Rockhampton, Palm Cove, Noosa, Ingham, The Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, The Sunshine Coast, Maryborough, Proserpine, Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays, and Mission Beach.
Destination wedding photographer Photography By Sarah J can travel to destinations in New South Wales such as Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, New Castle, Sydney.
Destination wedding photographer can travel to destinations within South Australia such as Adelaide, The Barossa, Mclaren Vale.
Sarah J can travel to destinations within Australia such as The Northern Territory, Darwin, Western Australia, Perth, Tasmania, and Hobart.

Photography By Sarah J can travel to international destinations such as New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Bali, Europe, America, Hawaii

Photography by Sarah J is based in Victoria and can travel Victoria wide for wedding photography. Photography by Sarah J often travels to Melbourne, The Yarra Valley, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, The Macedon Ranges, Bright and the Alpine Country, Port Fairy, Warrnambool, Geelong, Apollo Bay, Lorne, The Grampians and Swan Hill.

Sarah J Agreement

All couples wishing to book are required to read through the Sarah J Agreement carefully as on booking and paying a retainer all couples are agreeing to the following terms.

Sarah J’s Promise to You –

Photography by Sarah J (hereafter Sarah J) aims to provide Excellent Service,
Quality Product and a Total Professional Wedding Photography Experience for every couple. From first contact and enquiry about the wedding photography of your special day, to the capture, design, completion and prompt delivery of your selected Wedding Photography Package and its Products, Sarah J is dedicated to the capture of beautiful, creative professional imagery, and achieving genuine client satisfaction.

Wedding Photography Information,
Terms & Conditions –

Tentative Bookings –

A tentative booking is made by the bridal couple on the basis they would like to secure Sarah J with the full intention of paying a retainer within 1 week. The tentative booking is designed to secure the date for the couple in order to give them time to organise payment for their retainer and select a package if not already done so.

If you wish to make a tentative booking with Sarah J you must express your intention to book with Sarah J. The wedding date will be held for one week until a retainer payment has been made at which point the tentative booking then becomes a confirmed booking.

During the 7 day period any further enquiries for the same date will be asked to hold while the tentatively booked couple have 24 hours to confirm their booking with a $500 retainer.

Once one week has lapsed if a $500 retainer payment has not been made Sarah J may offer the date to other prospective clients without contacting the couple first.

The Retainer –

At Sarah J we do not take a deposit payment. We require a retainer payment of $500 when booking. Once the retainer payment has been made your booking will then be confirmed.

Should you need to cancel your wedding photography booking for any reason your retainer payment will not be refunded under any circumstances.

The retainer’s sole purpose is to purchase the photographer’s availability for the date selected by the couple. Even though no photography may have taken place as yet, the retainer is not a refundable payment.

Client Responsibility –

When a client makes a Confirmed Booking with Sarah J and has paid the $500 Non-Refundable Retainer, they are effectively PROMISING to pay their selected Wedding Photography Package’s outstanding amount at least one calendar month prior to their wedding date.

If Cancellation of a Confirmed Booking becomes necessary, cancellation must be made as SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Our system of having 2 required payments gives our clients great flexibility with their finances at what is usually an expensive phase of their lives.

If early cancellation must be made it must be acknowledged by the client that Sarah J may not have another chance to fill the booking at what is usually a crucially busy time of the year for Sarah J. Due to financial loss on Sarah J’s behalf if the client cancels within the final month (31 days on notifying Sarah J of cancellation) prior to the wedding, Sarah J reserves the right to retain all money paid. This is a simple case of fairness acknowledged by the client that Sarah J may not receive another booking for the date in question.

If cancellation has been made before 31 days prior only the retainer will be retained by Sarah J.

Sarah J’s Responsibility –

In the unlikely event of Sarah J needing to cancel the booking due to sickness or other unavoidable / unforeseeable circumstances, Sarah J will return all payments in full or will endeavour to organise a suitable replacement photographer utilising the funds paid of similar quality and standard for the client.

Installments and Payments –

If you wish to pay your wedding off you may only do so via internet banking. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Sarah J of any money transfers, installments or payments as they are made.

Sarah J is not obliged to send the client proof of purchase records if they have not notified Sarah J first or immediately after of any installments are made.

Any unrecorded payments will come off the total of your package as long as banking records show Sarah J has received payment or the client can produce a bank statement or official records showing payment has been made.

The final payment must be paid one month prior to the wedding date. If the client does not pay their final payment one month before the wedding date Sarah J reserves the right to not attend/photograph the wedding.

Sarah J will notify the client via email or phone of the final payment date in the weeks leading up to the final due date.

Basis for Booking with Sarah J –

It is accepted by Sarah J when a client booking our services/products selects our business they are booking based on the style and skill range of Sarah J.

It is also accepted that the client has viewed the website portfolio extensively and is aware of the style used by Sarah J and would prefer this style to be in like manor and shown throughout their wedding collection.

If the couple are not happy with our images or do not like the website portfolio in any way we urge them not to book with us as we carry a similar style and pattern with each wedding we shoot.

We highly recommend that the client/s choose their wedding photographer based on previous work that suits the taste of the client and do not book and try to alter our capture style.

Packages and Options – Need to Knows –

The couple may choose from our set package, pricing list or Sarah J can create something
more personalised.

Once the client has paid their retainer for their package they may upgrade the package they have selected or created, they may not downgrade the package to one of lesser value.

Packages and package prices by Sarah J are regularly changed and updated in order to keep up with the changing demands in the market.

Packages presented to the client on enquiry are able to be booked until the time where they are updated again. At this point the most current package list will apply.

Once you have booked a package with Sarah J the price and it’s inclusions or attached options will not change from the time which you initially made the booking for this package.

Images and Copyright –

Our USB of images option comes with a private use license, this allows the couple to make copies of their photography and share them with their family. You may print as much from this USB as you wish and enlarge the images.

All our image files come in high resolution unless otherwise arranged, this gives you the freedom for enlargement and provides a higher quality within the image.

The images all come with their true dimensions and a resolution of 240-300dpi.

Image copyright remains with the photographer, Sarah J, unless otherwise arranged. Couples hold a private use license which enables them to print and share the images with family and friends.

Couples may not sell or pass the images to anyone wanting to use them for commercial purposes.

Couples are urged to refer anyone approaching them for images to Sarah J.

Second Photographer –

If the couple choose the option of a second photographer more images will be added to the package collection total at an approximate rate of 50 images per hour.

On the Wedding Day –

The couple may request Sarah J to begin shooting any time from 9am and continue as late as 12am. We do not shoot between the hours of 1am-8am.

The maximum shooting time for one wedding is 12 hours. This period of time must include a meal at the reception and various break times though out the period (during non-critical times).

If the bridal couple require Sarah J to stay during their reception for 2 or more hours a meal and (non-alcoholic) drink should be provided as most venues do not allow external food or drinks to be consumed on premises.

If your wedding is between 30 minutes and 90 minutes from Bendigo coverage time on the wedding day may start any time from 11am. If you live more than 90 minutes from Bendigo you may need to purchase additional travel and accommodation, after which coverage may begin on the day any time from 9am.

Sarah J is not responsible for any lack of photographs taken during times where time is running short due to other aspects or people of the wedding running behind time.

Sarah J’s responsibility is to warmly encourage guests or members of the bridal party to participate in the photography. If guests or members of the bridal party refuse Sarah J is not obliged to persist in asking these persons to participate. Sarah J accepts no responsibility for lack of images of these persons.

Sarah J is not responsible for guests, Cinematographers or wedding staff knowingly or unknowingly stepping in front of the camera view during critical times throughout the day.

On the wedding day the couple must trust Sarah J’s discretion and previous experience for the way the Photography is conducted and executed. It is accepted on booking the couple are happy with Sarah J’s work and would like to see similar previous styles carried out.

It is expected that the couple have realistic expectations of what can be achieved and
covered by Sarah J on their wedding day. Sarah J cannot be in more than one place at a time or photograph more than one event or subject at a time.

Sarah J is very proud to offer couples the greatest flexibility with time options for each aspect of their day. Though this means couples must be realistic about what can be achieved in the time they allocate for each part of the day. We do what we can with the time we are given.

The more time we have for each part of the day the more photos you will receive, the more that is covered and ultimately the more variety we can shoot.

Sarah J is more than happy to help with time allocation and suggest the best amount of time for each part of your day.

Location Shoot –

Sarah J is happy to go to any locations (within reason) for couples. We endeavour to shoot every location in a way which showcases the best of the location and the couple/bridal party.

The couple must accept that if the locations are chosen by themselves without previously seeking Sarah J’s professional opinion the location may not be aesthetically pleasing in the image collection. We are happy to offer our suggestions for locations to the couple.

Enough time for the location shoot must be allowed. Note: We highly recommend 2 hours minimum for the (couple) post-ceremony shoot. Much of this time can be taken in travel and moving large groups of people as well as other unforeseen time costly things such as road works, slow moving vintage cars etc.

Sarah J will shoot with any time allowance given by the couple and will endeavour to complete the shoot with the highest quality of work and most amount of images as possible.

It must be noted by the couple: The shorter the time and the more locations the fewer the images will be.

If you are getting married in Winter (non daylight savings time) please note that light fades fast later in the day and we cannot complete a location shoot in darkness, or after sunset. A great idea is to bring your ceremony forward to avoid those darker hours.

We hope you have the day you always dreamed of, but rain is possible no matter what time of the year it is. If it is raining on your day we will use our experience and skill to make the best of any situation but please note this may mean excluding certain locations or that there may be less images due to less useable locations and shooting time.

Liability –

Please note Sarah J takes the safety of our images very seriously and takes many precautions and measures to ensure our work/images is as safe as possible at all times. In unlikely circumstances outside our control Sarah J will not be held liable for things such as theft of equipment, equipment damage, equipment malfunction, fire or flood which may damage equipment or images associated with the equipment.

Any equipment damage by wedding guests or the bridal party must be paid for by the couple. Sarah J is not liable for any injury or loss of life involving couples, bridal parties, guests, other business staff or members of the general public.

Sarah J is entitled to at least one piece of cake or treat from the desert bar or lolly buffet…. Jokes!! Just making sure you’re still paying attention. :)

Summer –

If your wedding is in the Summer months or months that can reach extreme temperatures
(November-March) remember cameras are machines much like computers and can overheat and shut down for long periods of time.

It is to be accepted by the couple on booking that Sarah J is not liable or responsible for any of the following –

– Malfunctions associated with cameras or camera equipment due to extreme heat.

– Lack of photography due to illness associated with high temperatures of the main photographer and/or the second photographer.

– Heat related illness of the bridal couple, bridal party, any guests, or people involved while
completing the wedding photography.

Archived Images –

We archive all final collection images and store them. Sarah J’s archives must not be relied upon for keeping all images accessible to the client beyond 1 year. We encourage couples to make copies of their USB and share with family or close friends and create their own back ups.

Travel –

Additional fees may apply for travel more than 90 minutes from Bendigo’s CBD. Accommodation charges may also apply. Contact Sarah J for more information.

Sarah J is not liable for any issues associated with travel beyond Sarah J’s control. This may include flight delays, car break downs, road works, road closures etc.

Photoshop –

Sarah J uses “Photoshop” sparingly. We are happy to make minor changes to our images which include things such as spot removal to remove things which would not usually be there, for example bugs or skin blemishes. Or things from the background such as road signs or rubbish bins; as long as it is possible to do so.

We are happy to change the look of images using “filters,” colour manipulation or presets. Additional computer work at the request of the couple outside of the ‘basic editing’ we usually do will require an additional charge.

We cannot change a persons appearance. We believe every single person is beautiful just as they are and it would be wrong for us to attempt to change them. We also cannot change things such as skies or entire backgrounds. Our job is to give couples an honest account of their wedding day.

Image Editing –

All images go through a basic editing process, which is done to balance a collection of photographs. Any unusable photos (caused by things like blinking etc) are removed during this process and those left are touched up if they need it and prepared for the couple.

All images are given to the couple with Sarah J style presets (filters). Let us know before editing if you would prefer them with out the after effects.

Blog, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Website, Advertising Platforms –

Some of our weddings go up on the website within a couple of weeks of the wedding date as most couples wish to see a sneak peek of their wedding and share it with their friends, family and guests. If you do not wish to have your images displayed on any of these platforms you must inform Sarah J before the wedding date. If you do not it will be accepted that you are happy for us to use one or all of these platforms.

Images selected for the website are selected by Sarah J and are based on what we think are the highlights or best moments of the day.

Sarah J also reserves the right to not display images.

Images –

You can expect up to 800 for 8 hours of wedding photography. 100 images per hour of coverage, this is of course subject to change if any unforeseeable circumstances should occur and impact on photography of the day.

Your style for editing purposes is taken in to account. Please note Sarah J also has a specific editing style which is reflected in previous work. If you do not like this style we urge you not to book with us as it is reflected in all work and is slightly adjusted to your taste.

Books –

We have time frames throughout the year in which we dedicate to book and album making. When you receive your USB of images we, on request, can give you some information about what you need to prepare for us to make your book or album if you would like one.

Because we have designated book and album making periods during the year it is important that we have your selections before the next designated time so we have plenty of time to work on yours. If you miss a designated time you may be waiting up to a year for your book or album.

If you would like to see some of our books or albums go to our contact page and make a time to catch up, we would love to show you some of our stunning designs.

Sarah J reserves the right to change any of the above conditions.

Sarah J Agreement –

On booking and paying a retainer you (the wedding couple) are
acknowledging that you have both read the above terms and conditions
and agree to them, hence are happy to go ahead with paying a retainer
and making a full booking.
If you are in any way unhappy with any of these terms and conditions
we urge you not to book.

Advertisers/Businesses Please Note (not applicable to couples)

Businesses Wanting to use Images for Advertising, Printing, Media, Promotion, Announcements, Internet Promotion/Advertising

It is unethical and in most cases illegal for businesses or a third party to print or publish images without permission. In the case of Photography by Sarah J all image copyright remains with Sarah J, permission for use must be given by Sarah J and no one else.

We highly respect the privacy of our clients and their right not to be published, couples featured in our images are asked if they consent to being published before we approve any requests for third party use.